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George & Jen here.. Jen's my partner in crime in charge of Pinterest, whilst I'm responsible for the content writing on this site. She watches over me like a hawk and ensures we're truthful, accountable and honest, at all times! Together, we've been helping folks online for over 15yrs and it's in our veins! We enjoy scouring the internet for trends and practical, no frills products that we both use in our domain, and are then able to recommend these products to you, our valued readers. We hope you can join us through our newsletter as we send you weekly updates of amazing, practical and affordable finds online. Happy reading and shopping!

gift ideas for men
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Seriously Affordable Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Wickedly Cool & Affordable Gifts That will Melt Your Boyfriend's Heart! Looking for cool, affordable gifts for your boyfriend or husband? You've come to the right place. No need to pull your hair Rapunzel, or spin your...

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