Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of 1
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Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of

Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig needs no introduction, having won many hearts in American households by introducing them to pod coffee about a decade ago.
What you may not realize, is there have been many iterations of that brew bot!

In short, the Keurig Brewbot has matured, grown and now has siblings whose abilities to brew fresh coffee will leave your tastebuds simmering with excitement!

So, what makes the single cup Keurig K575 Coffee Maker more special than its predecessors, I hear you ask?

best single serve coffee maker for home review

For starters, you can literally “talk” to this Coffee Machine to brew you coffee at a predetermined time through the programmable “Hey Keurig, brew me coffee at “x Time” feature!

You’ll love this high-end, time saving feature, especially if you hate clunking around the kitchen bleary-eyed first thing in the morning attempting to setup your coffee maker to brew you coffee etc.

Now, simply command the Coffee Maker to Brew you a fresh cuppa just before waking up every morning and Voila, wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee ready to be imbibed!

best at home fresh brewed coffee

If you’re concerned that the Keurig K575 will be up all night and cost you electricity, worry not. This Coffee Maker will sleep when you do and wake up at your preset time to make coffee for you!

This alone, is enough reason to get the Keurig K575 Coffee Maker!
What, not convinced?.. Ok.. there’s more!

Is this the best home coffee maker on the market?

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Keurig K575 is bigger, badder, faster!
For instance, if you’ve been struggling with the idea of constantly refilling the water tanks of those other coffee makers – because a 40 oz. water tank is never truly good enough for a coffee enthusiast or something, don’t worry, the Keurig K575 has double the water tank capacity!

best high end coffee maker

I kid you not!

The Keurig K575’s water reservoir holds 80 oz. of water!

Best of all, it supports all K-pods: K-Cup Pods (brews 4-12 oz. standard cups of coffee) K-Mug Pods (for long commutes).
K-Carafe Pods (the Carafe power brews 22-30 oz. bolder cups)
Anybody up for 10+ coffees with a single filling?

To top it off, this bad-boy now comes standard with an impressive 2.8 inch Extra Large color touch screen, which promises ease of use, versatility and sheer style as the “ultimate” coffeemaker in the Keurig range.

funny coffee mugs

But wait, does having this touch screen, which boasts its own special lighting effects help this coffeemaker justify its price tag just shy of $200, to produce the goods, especially when you can get the Keurig K475, which has nearly as big a water reservoir and only a slightly smaller screen, for around $30 less?

Um.. Yeahya!

Welcome to the World of High End Coffee Makers

It’s now a matter of time before all coffee makers come standard with touch screens.
Touch screens are spreading like wild fire on electronic devices, think smartphones and tablets, laptops.
They’re like a command center from which to operate your device from.

high end coffee makers for homeVisually, touch screens offer unparalleled functionality and control, and this is no different in the Keurig 575, where the touch screen acts as the control panel – replacing old fashioned buttons and giving you the latest state of play at the same time.
By default, the screen displays a digital clock but, when you’re using this piece of advanced technology, it gives you access to all the other information you need in order to operate your coffee maker to its fullest performance!

Another cool upgrade that has me curling my toes is the K-carafe.

Simply slide the K-Carafe pod into the slot usually reserved for the dip tray, pop in your carafe pack which is basically a larger version of the K-Cup and boom, more coffee for the entire household!

But Is This The Best Coffee Machine on the Market Today?

In closing our sermon today, herewith our final thoughts..
The Keurig K575 is arguably the best bigger single-serve coffee machine on the market today.

Keurig definitely went out full tilt in designing this Coffee Maker!
It’s definitely at the very top of High end Coffee makers on the market in terms of quality, durability and functionality and the price is comparable with similar coffee makers in its class.
In terms of aesthetics, this coffee maker will not only wow you and any visitor who walks into your kitchen, it’s also a huge time and cost saver where coffee brewing and power consumption is concerned!

Get your K575 Here


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