Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of 1
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Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of

Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

If there was to be a Coffee famine somewhere on planet Earth, the Giant sized Frieling Insulated French Press Coffee Maker would be just the solution for such a disaster!

best french press coffee makerFirst off, and a word of warning to all loner coffee drinkers who are simply content with a one cuppa first thing in the morning then woosh, off you zip off to work!

No Siree, no such Speedy Gonzalez moves with this Coffee Maker because, for starters, it’s huge ok, about 44 oz big, about 10 – 12 cups of Coffee with each fill!

In short, this is a high end coffee maker for those who relish life, enjoy conversations with crowds, be they neighbors, half siblings, the mail person.. sigh, you get the picture!

Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of 2

With its double glazed walls, and presented in two finishes – shiny mirror and smooth brush, you’ll be hard pressed to find a French press coffee maker with the same capacity, styling, durability and aesthetics!

Which Coffee Machine Makes Your Veins Pop?

Thing with most French Press coffee makers, the manufacturer usually claims one thing about the volume of their coffee maker but in reality, you discover they yield less volume than advertised!

Not with these stainless steel french press coffee makers, what you see is definitely what you get, no quibbles!

There’s no doubt in our coffee saturated brains that the Frieling Insulated French Press is a step-up from your average French press with it’s double wall insulation.

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For instance, it keeps it’s contents hot four times longer than your basic glass French press!
Yep, we even tried it in the office.. all day long hot Coffee for happy, productive minions!

What Makes this the Best French Press Coffee Machine?

Made of double wall stainless steel and an all steel mesh plunger mechanism, this coffee press will keep the drinks steaming hot and can also be used as a stylish pitcher for cold drinks such as water, milk, iced tea and juice.
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Is This The Best Coffee Maker For Your Home?

Ideal for Hotel lobbies, BnBs, small establishments and even on picnic events, nothing beats the durability and capacity of the frieling french press, simply the best home coffee maker on the market today!

Don’t take our word for it, simply check out these reviews from other satisfied customers, to discover just what you could be in for, should you too decide to join the social club of happy coffee drinkers!

Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of 3

At under $100, you’ll be hard pressed to find the best french press coffee makers with all the features that the Frieling has.

Get Your Frieling French Press Here, and Happy French Pressing!


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