Car Seat Belt Extender


If you've been struggling, for any amount of time, to fasten your seat belt, either perhaps the belt itself is too short, or the buckle hard to find, worry no more!
This car seat belt extender is the ideal solution you need, to get in your car and secure yourself with minimal hassle!

As a parent, I find that my toddlers have a problem locating the seat buckle from their car seats. And when they do, the buckle's usually hidden under their car seats, or they take too long to buckle themselves due to the above issue!

With this Car Seat Belt Extender, that's now a problem of the past, and watching my kids buckle themselves up, is now a breeze



Whether you’re well fed, big boned or simply too tall for conventional car seat belts, this car seat belt extender is simply what the doctor ordered!
Made from tempered steel and covered in plastic, you will be hard pressed to understand why you’ve been battling with your car seats for so long.

This is indeed the solution you need to enjoy your ride, however short or long it may be.

Choose from one of our 3 convenient colors, Black, Grey, Beige to suit the interior of your vehicle, or simply because that’s simply your favorite color for seat belt extender!

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