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Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Before the advent of cell phones, you’d find stacks of magazines in the bathroom, and one would while their time away reading or perusing the pages of a magazine whilst attending to their business!

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Now, almost all of us take our cell phones to the bathroom.. myself included, I’ll admit to that!

Enter the Potty Putter Toilet time Golf Game!
Now, instead of checking messages or god knows what else you do with your time in the bathroom, how about amusing yourself with a potty putter golf game instead?

Hole in one anyone? Pun intended!

Coming in at just around 10 bucks, this potty putty golf game is all you need to have an eventful bathroom experience!
Complete with a putter, two golf balls, cup and flag.. not to mention the “Do Not Disturb” door hanger, it sure looks like bathroom breaks will be brought to you by Mr. Tortoise.. he’s slow, but will get you there soon enough!

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