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Top 10 Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Office Gifts for Co-Workers

One of the best gag gifts any coworker would love and appreciate.

party gag gifts for friends

As office politics goes, we pretend to work whilst the boss pretends to pay us for all those long hours behind the desk slagging away!
Man sitting on a toilet seat, with pen in mouth whilst dispensing tape.. quite an oxymoron type of gift this, hopefully even the boss will guffaw away as they pass by.

This gift has proven so popular among coworkers, simply have to read the comments on Amazon to discover what a conversation starter this is!

We’ve heard stories that some have given this toy as a parting gift to coworkers moving to other companies, so they too could break the ice there with a big of office humor anyone can appreciate!

funny gag gifts for friends

No need to break the bank when Secret Santa comes to the Office..a bit of originality and some humor goes a long way in entrenching lasting friendships that grow outside the work environment.
Your gift could become the topic of conversation outside work, and you could end up being associated with the “Gift that made everyone laugh out loud!”

Whether it’s Christmas you have on your mind, or the occasional birthday gag gift for a co worker, you will be remembered for a long while yet for gifting someone a gag such a this!

As the saying goes – it’s the thought that counts, make it a good thought!

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