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Funny Stress Balls Gift Ideas

Stress balls have been around a while, and they serve a very important psychological need – instant therapy when stress levels are sky high, like when you’re stick to a desk at a dead end job you detest like the plague, but have to keep up appearances for something called – Bills?

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With that said, stress balls come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and now noises!

Yes, you heard that right, noises!

Now, if the thought of squeezing this funny looking stress ball conjures images of your stress disappearing like flatulence in the wind, think again!
This talking stress ball, like Donkey.. yeah, that ass in Shrek, is designed to, if not scare the hebejebes out of you, perhaps make you lough out really loud and unexpectedly, thereby causing your stress to magically disappear – exorcist style!

Funny Stress Balls are usually not something you’d buy on a whim, for kids or otherwise, but the upside to pranking someone is instant relief in and of itself!

The humor you get from watching others attempting to relieve their stress through funny stress balls is definitely what the doctor ordered!

Mind you, this funny stress ball is quite loud, so be warned or hide somewhere discreetly whilst watching the said coworkers about to squeeze this ball for the ultimate stress relief!

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This Talking stress ball comes in a calming yellow color, (like that’s gonna help) with super soft muppet-like hair, the facial expression reminds me a character from Chicken Run – the Movie from way back in 2000.

You’d have to rent it out just for comic relief!

This funny stress ball is definitely a keeper, even long after your Secret Santa has done their gifting around the office!

You’ll also be pleased to note that this talking stress ball is available online for only $13.84, as at the time of writing this review!

No more wondering where to buy stress balls, now that your secret Santa has come a-knocking with this hilarious squishy gag ball!

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