Funny Christmas Gift Ideas
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Top 10 Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

Welcome to the world of super inappropriate gifting.. only relates to someone you know very well and have shared lewd jokes with, otherwise you might be spending the entire Christmas eve in HR answering some serious questions.

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That said, if this style of gift sounds close to home, by all means wing it, it’s meant to make people you’re well acquainted with laugh out real loud, not kidding!for With a label like that, you’re definitely guaranteed to experience laughs, wherever you go, be it office, picnic, church etc.
This bottle is definitely a great conversational starter!
You’ll have the entire office on their feet giving you high fives or a standing ovation, and of course your secret Santa can take silent credit for having come up with such a crude, yet super hilarious gift!
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What’s more, the soap smells good too!

This is a unisex gift, depending on how well acquainted you may be with the recipient of the gift, be they male or female.

Still wondering whether you should purchase hand sanitizer as a Secret Santa gift? Well, this is no ordinary hand sanitizer, no siree, this here is a bottle of genuine laughter, packed to look like hand sanitizer.. and the more laughs you get, the better!

Pat yourself on the back for having come up with the idea to get this for your CoWorker!
I certainly did!

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