Funny Christmas Gift Ideas
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Top 10 Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Micro Penis Cure Prank Mail Package

This is definitely a guy’s gag gift.. one you can mail to your male friends, with the obvious intention of mortifying and offending them!

funny gag gifts for coworkers

Imagine if your friend were to receive this gift in the company of others.. how they would handle this gift!

Better yet, order the one that comes packed with glitter!
It’s like opening your handbag in public ladies, and all of a sudden a dildo falls out of your bag!
Is there a rock big enough to hide under?

Yeah, it’s like that..
This gift will definitely be the topic of conversation for many months to come, not to mention the reaction of your intended target, erhm, recipient!
With free shipping, you can mail this to your Secret Santa recipient, and watch as the receptionist first starts off laughing out aloud in the hallway as she makes her way to the recipient’s desk to hand this “gift” out!

You can add your name as part of the contents of this gag, should you be brave to do that!

Are you brave enough to grab this gag gift for a coworker? Here’s the link, hopefully you live long enough to come share the experience here!

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