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Hilarious Gag Gift for Women

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Feel like “mortifying” someone, even causing them to wish they could hide under a rock and just – die?

Well, now you can, thanks to this rather large mailing package with some fruity writing on it!
For any woman, this would be tantamount to war.. but as coworkers go, anything is game right?

If your intention is to shock your recipient with this rather unorthodox Secret Santa gift, then by all means, be my guest!
Fair warning though, this can cause serious embarrassment, unless the person you intend to give this to is rather thick skinned and can take a jab of this magnitude!

This joke will get you the laughs, no doubt about that, ones that may never end as long as the person you give this to remains at the company.
CoWorkers will bring this up over and over at any opportunity they get, such is the dynamic of working with different personalities!

Gotta admit though, this is what you call a statement gift, one designed to solicit an over the top reaction, just for laughs!

Guys, don’t get any ideas of attempting to purchase this for a lady friend you work with, don’t think this gift would do it, rather let women purchase it among themselves!

Feel like mortifying a co-worker? [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MY9DBJK” locale=”US” tag=”X60075-20″]Grab this super hilarious gag gift for women here..[/easyazon_link] and hope you live to tell the tale!

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