top ten classic Halloween costumes

Classic Halloween Costumes That Should Be On Your Top 10 List!

Growing up, our household would be a hive of activity come October, it was as if all the bills and the milkman had been forgiven, that nana could finally come upstairs from her dingy basement apartment to enjoy some fresh air in our smoke-filled kitchen!
Mom would be so busy in the kitchen preparing special treats, and my sister and I could talk to strangers and binge on all the roasted pumpkin seeds, candy corn and gummy worms without even seeking permission!

Ah Halloween, where indeed do you go to, when October’s over?
Best of all my memories, are those of my aunt bringing home Halloween costumes of our favorite movie characters from the local thrift store where she used to work!
classic halloween costume
My favorite Halloween costume then, was dressing up like Duckie from Pretty in Pink! Jon Cryer was such a Heartthrob back in the 80s all the boys in my class would jostle to look like him I swear!
I won all the time due to my crazy curly hair back then, and the girls.. that’s another story reserved for the PGA section, erhm!
Pity, I’ve thought about dressing up for the missus now and again as Duckie, but most of that hair has since flown South.. er, lemme rephrase that, gone with the wind – get your head out of the gutter!
Pirate Halloween costume women
Come Halloween, my sissies and I would leave school early so we could bang on the doors of people we didn’t even know, expecting to be given a treat!
By the time the evening had worn out, we’d each be carrying a sack-full of bounty candy, like little Santa’s helpers!

Halloween is one of those traditions that will continue to be the same, year after year, long after your kids become grandparents and introduce the Spirit of Halloween to their grand-kids as well.
Sure, there are now more choices of cool and crazy Halloween costumes to choose from, including quality, sizes and ages.
However, I’m sure we can all agree that winning best costume at your favorite bar, club, or within your circle of friends commands respect, till next Halloween my friends, till next Halloween!

So, if you’re looking for an excuse to party hard, or grab a stranger to dance with whilst reliving that long forgotten childhood pastime your parents called “playing make believe,” here’re are ten cool Halloween costumes you’ll love splurging on and look the part!