wicked witch halloween costume

Wicked Witch Halloween Costume

Witch costumes have been around for as long as Halloween has been celebrated!
Top 10 Classic Halloween Costumes 1Who can forget the infamous Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard Of Oz, complete with her all over body green skin, or the Wicked Witch from Pocahontas?
Done correctly, Witch costumes can be elegant, sexy, funny, scary or just plain classic Halloween outfits.

Whether you want to go the DIY route, you’re spoiled for choices as the Halloween aisles are always brimming with witch hats, brooms, capes and the likes or, should you prefer to splurge on an elaborate ensemble online, a Deluxe Wicked Witch Halloween costume is always a fan favorite.

The design is simple, yet elaborate, from the over-sized black hat with pointy top, to the broom! Can’t forget the broom now!
wicked witch costume dog
Sure, witches were meant to be scary back in the day, but these days.. children have been desensitized by music, other movies and rock ‘n roll (stole part of that from the Grinch who stole Christmas btw!)

From toddlers all the way to Gran’ma, there’s a wicked witch costume just for you!
The ensemble doesn’t have to stop there however. Should you have pets, what better way to celebrate Halloween, than by also adorning them in your favorite costume and showing them off to the neighborhood during trick or treat?
Just hope them neighbors are also pet friendly and have treats on hand, as opposed to just candy for your pet – health issues!
Have a Wicked Witch of the West Halloween!