Piggy back Halloween Costume

Piggy Back Halloween Costume

Piggy back Halloween costumes have been around for some time now, and they seem to be getting more creative and funnier – especially when the clown on whose shoulders “you happen to be sitting on” is a public figure, such as a politician or celebrity!
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For the uninitiated, this costume, from a distance, looks like you’re sitting on someone’s shoulders, and they’re having a seemingly tough time carrying you around, depending on how you choose to be waddling around!
The actual fact is the clown piggybacking you is the Halloween costume you happen to be wearing, and the results, well, let’s leave that to your imagination, shall we?

For those fun loving individuals who do not mind making others lose their shirts through laughter, this Halloween Carry me costume is it, and none even comes close!
This is seriously a fun lovers costume, and there are so many variations these days it’s hard to keep up!
Piggy back Halloween Costume
If you’re a fan of animals, like dinosaurs etc, you could go with a costume where you seem to be riding on the shoulders of a dinosaur.. if you hate a politician, you could go with that!
Either way, Halloween parties are meant to be all about fun, dressing up and simply losing your marbles in the process!

Spice up your Halloween celebration with something different, this Piggy back ride on Costume will be remembered long after the shindig’s over.. you’re definitely going to be the life of the party, make no mistake about that!

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