Iron Man Halloween Costume

Iron Man Halloween Costume

The superhero, Iron Man, originated with Marvel Comics in 1963. It was written and developed by Stan Lee.
Since then, Iron Man has stayed true to his original character, as Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark. Iron Man is still one of the most popular Halloween costumes.
iron man halloween costume for boys
The character of Tony is described as a billionaire engineer who owns his own business, Stark Industry. His business makes weapons.
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In the story, Tony is kidnapped on one of his business trips where he is forced to make a mass weapon of destruction. He instead creates an armored suit, which is the birth of Iron Man.

Iron Man first appeared on the movie screen in 2008 as a superhero that fights crime and terrorism. Several movies followed with Iron Man 2 in 2010, and the latest appearance in The Avengers in 2012. The last Iron Man Movie was Iron man 3, released in 2013.

Keeping up with Iron Man’s huge popularity, there are numerous cool Iron Man costumes available for children, men, and even women.

Children’s Iron Man Costumes

adult iron man Halloween costume
The Iron Man costume for children can easily be found before Halloween season approaches, due to the popularity of select Movie Hero costumes with Kids, prices do tend to rise the close we get to Halloween!
Prices range from $14.99 to $33.95.
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Iron Man Costume for Adults

The adult male Iron Man costume is simply amazing, if not life-like. Depending on your man’s physique, the costume really pops out the muscles and looks simply menacing!

Seeing is believing!

Prices range from the low down dirty shame to well over $700 for some deluxe versions of the suit
ironwoman Halloween costumeIf you’re a fan of Tony Stark’s Iron Man, this suit’s a must this Halloween! Everyone loves a superhero, so go get’em Champ!

Iron Woman Costume

If you thought only men could have fun with the Iron Man costume, think again!
There’s the Iron woman version too which, even though hasn’t made it to the big screen yet, the costume’s just as commanding and highly mesmeric as you would imagine.

The female version of the costume is often referred to as “Ironette”. Although a fictional character in the superhero world, it does give females a costume choice for Halloween if they are Iron Man fans.

Who looks best in an Iron Man’s or Woman’s costume? Guess that’s a question your posse at the Halloween party will have to answer!
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