Pennywise Halloween Costume

Pennywise Halloween Costume

Whether or not you’re a fan of Stephen King’s highest grossing horror film of all time “It” from 2017, escaping the sight of Pennywise the Dancing Clown will be nearly impossible this Halloween, and many more Halloweens to come.
pennywise makeup for halloween
The terrifying clown was bound to be a popular Halloween costume and, devoid of even scarier movies this year, It’s Halloween costumes are seriously in demand right now, and what better occasion, than Halloween, to show off your crazies?

I honestly can’t think of a better costume to dress up as on the scariest night of the year than a child-eating clown who thrives on fear!
This is an especially good costume if you plan on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters all night long. Whether your costume creates any traumatic experiences for them trick or treaters is another story entirely!

Ah, kids these days!

Due to the popularity of the movie, and the costume itself, no doubt some shops are licking their chops as they charge premium for the design.
pennywise halloween mask
We were however able to track down reasonably priced Pennywise Halloween costumes, including a realistic looking mask that freaked theĀ  heebie jeebies out of us! Pennywise the dancing clown will really put you up center, whatever party you may decide to gatecrash!
But, should you be thinking of going the DIY route to recreate Pennywise’s grotesque clown look, then some thrift stores would be ideal for the material and makeup!

I think the makeup, or mask, is what makes the clown, the costume is quite easy to recreate usingĀ  a onesie even, with some creative needlework upfront – kinda like Prince’s regalia, but in white!
Do come back to share your experience as Pennywise the Dancing clown after Halloween is over will ye?