Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest blockbuster movie in 2017, grossing well over $1.2 Billion dollars worldwide!
Now Diana Prince is taking the crown for Google’s most searched Halloween costume idea for women and girls in 2018!
wonder woman halloween costume
Gal Gadot sure made women and young girls world over super proud as she gave women (and men) the first female superhero to look up to on the big screen.

We tend to agree!

Wonder Woman is an iconic figure and has mass appeal. She’s for everyone, from lifelong readers of her comics to new fans finding her through the live action film for the first time.
There are so many ways to dress as the iconic Wonder woman character too, whether in a blue and white star spangled skirt with thigh high red boots or the new, more armored look from the DC films.

Either way, your posse will be in for a welcome surprise when you turn up as Wonder woman at the Halloween party you’ve been planning for ages!

Go out and seize the day Wonder Woman!