If Your PC's Running Slow, It's Only a Matter of Time Before it Crashes..

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We're all guilty of this number one addictive habit online - downloading games to play when we're bored then, BAMM, suddenly all these pop-ups start appearing on every website you visit and our once super fast computer becomes very slow!

Sound familiar?

It's not your fault, computers are no longer tools for just office work anymore, now we can play all sorts of computer games, listen to all kinds of music, or download free stuff we never would have thought possible before, be this pirated music, video games, movies, toolbars etc.

It's so tempting to click links or banners that flash at us, urging us to play this game, or see which celebrity closely looks like you, or what your pet says about you!

Whatever, the end result's still the same!

Sadly, not everyone who shares these downloads with you online has your best interest at heart!
Most people who share music or other downloads on the internet infect the files with some virus, usually with the intention of spying on your keystrokes to passwords so they can steal valuable information from your personal computer, or at times they're simply seeking attention!

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Also, computers are not perfect, files become corrupt, motherboards malfunction, CPUs call it quits, and they take our precious memories and data with them.

Sure, this can happen to anyone, regardless of whether they play internet games on their computers or not but, are you willing to bet your chances on that?

The whole internet is litered with horror stories of computer crashes after someone innocently downloaded music or video files off sites such as limewire or some torrent site.

Backing up your files to "the cloud", which is just another fancy name for computers that are not in your home, but you can still access at any time, is of paramount importance in this day and age, not only can you backup all important files on your computer, but you can also access those files, be they music, pictures of your family re-union just last week, or pictures of your grandchild that you haven't seen in a while, from anywhere!

As long as your files are backed up to the cloud, you can access them from any other computer, as long as that computer has an internet connection! Heck, use your smartphone if you want, show off those pictures of the fish you caught just recently!

Backing up files also frees up space on your computer and smartphone, because we all know just how fast that memory can last on your cell phone right? I mean, how many times have you had to delete some pictures off your cell phone just because you ran out of space?

Besides, should your computer crash, which it will sooner or later, your files are safe, tucked away in the cloud somewhere, this is total peace of mind without having to have 10 hard drives in your home containing all the documents you hold dear in your life!

Just imagine, no longer do you have to carry a flash drive containing your valuable files with you anywhere; all you have to do, is backup your files to a cloud, and access them from anywhere, using any PC!

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Whether you’re too busy playing video games, having fun with family and friends etc, backing up your computer online has never been easier; through scheduled backups, your system can automatically perform a backup that fits your needs at an interval you choose - without interrupting life.

Regardless of how protected your computer might be from viruses, there's always that family member that thinks they "know it all" and can visit shady websites in search of games, or even porn, which messes up your computer even more!

Thing is, you’re always operating in an environment that is the internet - hard to monitor, manage and control, and data backup is about the one true solution that will protect your computer data’s future.
After all with computers, it's never about if you crash, it’s when you crash.

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Do this NOW, thank me later because, once your PC crashes, it may be too late!


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