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If you’re into big faced watches, you’re going to love these multiple timezone watches. Big enough to make you stand out, but not too big to be overpowering, no matter how big or small your wrist!
Ideal for lovers or couples who are in a long distance relationship and therefore need to keep track of time in the other’s zone for when to call or text etc, these watches are a magnet to the eyes, so be prepared for wide-eyed gazes and compliments from admirers!

The contrast of colors between the hands and background of the timezone watch makes it super easy to tell the time, regardless of the time of day. This is definitely a great present for any man who loves big faced watches or is interested in knowing time in dual timezones without having to do mental calculations.

The leather strap on these multiple timezone watches make it super easy to wear the watch. Should the slots on the straps be too wide for your wrist, simply punch an extra hole to make the strap fit your wrist.

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Specification (approximate):
– Case Diameter: 5cm approx.
– Case Material: Stainless Steel
– Band Width: 2.3cm approx.
– Band Length: 26.5cm approx.
– Band Material: PU Leather

Additional information

Additional information

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black, black-gold, white-gold, B&W

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