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Whether you’re embarrassed by the amount of hair on your back or simply desire a smooth back – like a baby’s bottom as the saying goes, then you’ll want to pay close attention to every word on this page!
The bear back jokes you’ve weathered this long are about to become a thing of the past by the shear power of our awesome back hair shaving tool!

Long enough to reach any part of your back where shaving using a regular razor with your back turned to the mirror will make you look like you just wrestled a tiger in a cage, you’ll love the ergonomic design of our hairy back shaver, simply the best men’s back shaver there is on the market.

This high quality, durable, adjustable and stretchable back hair shaver is the answer to all your back hair problems.
Shave your back in the comfort and privacy of your home, no need for waxing and enduring the looks, the pain and the cost of a salon service!

Click Add to Cart below and experience what the smoothness of a hairless back can do for your peace of mind!



Designed with sharp and high-quality stainless steel blade, shaving your back has never become easier with the best Men’s back shaver there is.

Blade: Stainless Steel
Handle: Aluminum Alloy
Cutting Head: Durable Plastic

Dimensions: 125*290*45mm
Net Weight: 105g (the cutting head is 20g)

Application Steps:
1. Install the cutting head into the handle elbow.
2. Adjust the handle length according to your needs.
3. Gently place the bottom of cutting head anywhere on your back to begin shaving, then gently pull the shaver up and down slowly to begin shaving your back hair. (Do not press the cutting head strongly to avoid injury)
4. After use, rinse and clean the cutting head with water or towel, then dry the water off the cutting head.

Please Note:
1. Please be careful when handling the razor blade. It goes without saying that you should not touch the blade with your hands, nor press the cutting head firmly on your back as it’s likely to lacerate your skin.
2. Please dry the cutting head after use and keep it in a dry place, away from children.
3. Keep it out of the reach of children.
4. After several uses, we recommend that you replace the cutting head with a new one.

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