Yoga Bracelets


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This Lotus Mala is infused with peace and positive intentions!

Made from Howlite Natural Stone and Blue Jasper which, when combined, become two powerful stones that promote patience, calm, peace and positive energy.

White Howlite has properties that decrease anxiety whilst promoting peace of mind and a calm demeanor

Blue Jasper, which looks like vintage turquoise quail eggs, offers potent protection against negative energies whilst boosting your positive energy.

Wear these malas as a necklace, or simply as a bracelet, showing off the lotus charm at the crown of your beads.

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  • Elastic
  • 8mm stones
  • The Lotus flower represents awakening, self realization
  • Length: Approx 34 inches (86cm)
  • Materials: Semi-precious stones – Howlite and Jasper
  • Metals: Zinc Alloy

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