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What To Do To Stop Your Pet From Ever Getting Lost!

how to find a lost dog

Best Way to Find a Lost Dog or Cat!

If you’re a dog or cat owner like myself, you know how scary it is to lose a furry member of your family!
You’ll worry, fear for their well being and probably turn over almost every rock there is until you find them!

best way to find a lost dogIn most cases though, once your pet’s lost, it’s pretty hard to trace their steps in time till you call your local animal shelter etc!
Pets are pretty inquisitive, vibrant and down-right energetic creatures, you never know when they’re likely to wander off and never come back, do you?

Take for instance my experience at the local park recently,

One minute we were happily playing fetch with my escape artist, and wide roaming Siberian Husky Jeebus and the next, squirrel!
Before I knew it, he’d bounded off without a second thought on the chase..disappearing into the brush and far away from earshot!

Now don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS have him on a leash when walking in built-up areas to stop him getting into serious trouble.
But, when we reach our local park with lots of huge, wide-open grassy spaces, I love letting Jeebus run free to truly enjoy being the dog that he is.

best way to find a lost dog

My aunt Audrie had a similar incident recently with her maine coon cat. She tells me she’d simply stepped out for a second, a brief second when she’d left the front door slightly ajar mind you to go check her mail on the patio when the cat kinda wandered out, and kept going, and going and going!

Not to mention dog and cat snatchers on the prowl! This stuff’s not only confined to the movies, No Siree.. Pet snatchers are real, selfish devils always on the lookout for wandering pets to snatch and sell for a fast buck!

Dog snatchers are real, and once they’ve got your dog or cat, which is literally kidnapping.. I’m sure you’ve watched enough movies to know how kidnappings go but, in the case of your pet, there’s never any ransome, simply a disappeared family pet, perhaps never to be seen, ever!

…but clearly something smarter needs to be done.

best way to find a lost dogOwning a dog requires a huge amount of investment and care – I totally get that, and calling your local animal shelter to see if someone’d called in your pet for rescuing’s simply not a solution I intend using more than once, truth be told.
I really wasn’t prepared to leave the fate of my Jeebus to chance, so I turned to our pervasive technology, especially the one geared towards making life around the home so much better and easier for everyone.

Further to some research and conferring with other pet owners on animal tracking devices, I came across an interesting GPS tracker, unlike any I’d ever laid my eyes on!
My issue with searching for a GPS tracker? The thing with technology is, unless you know what and how to look for a better solution, you could end up spending countless hours researching this gizmo and that, literally spinning your wheels until you lose all patience and still be left where you first began!

Good thing with this GPS tracker though, it uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your pet’s location anywhere in the U.S. on AT&T, America’s largest network.
Suffice it to say that I haven’t lost Jeebus ONCE since getting this GPS pet tracker and using it as part of our daily walks.
animal tracking device
Jeebus isn’t fazed at all when wearing it as it’s simply an miniature addon to his already adjustable, comfortable straps.
Whenever he gets over-excited and runs off, all I need to do is launch the adjoining app and I’ll receive his INSTANT location.

This GPS Pet Tracker has given me the power to keep control over Jeebus without being forced to restrict his freedom and keep him on a leash 24/7!

What an absolute game-changer this solution has been for both Jeebus and myself!

Curious to see what the fuss is all about? Click this link to read more about a GPS Tracker that’s revolutionizing the way we keep track of our pets!


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