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The Best Looking Men’s Watches Under 200

If you’re looking for the best looking men’s watch under 200 that’ll get you noticed guaranteed, nothing beats Invicta, and here are the reasons why.

Invicta Watches by far lead the pack of global Horologists, from craftsmanship, quality and price. You’ll be hard pressed to find a chronograph of similar quality at the same price!
best looking mens watch under 200
The word invicta is actually Latin for “invincible, ” which says a lot about this once-Swiss Watch maker founded by Monsieur Raphael Picard in 1837.

Over the years, the company has regrouped and retooled so it can continue to bring its customers quality, well designed Swiss watches at an affordable price.

Whilst other watchmakers tend to charge an arm and a leg for their Swiss timepieces, Invicta decided early on to focus on creating some of the World’s finest timepieces, at an affordable price.

The result is a stunning line of Invicta watches for men and women who appreciate a well-made, handcrafted and classic timepiece that does not need a bank loan to afford!

best men's dress watches under 200

Like many of the top watchmakers of Europe, Invicta was affected by the Quartz Revolution of the nineteen seventies. Cheap, machine-made timepieces powered by digital technology put most of the old guard out of business.
Invicta was crafty and stubborn enough to survive the initial wave and carry on for about a decade before companies like Timex and Casio took over the industry.
Fortunately, that was not the end of Invicta!

More than a decade after they shipped their last watch, relatives of founder Raphael Picard were contacted by an investment firm in Florida.
Though they were not Swiss, the new owners promised to follow the founding principles.

best mens watches under 200

For one, they agreed to hire real watchmakers, rather than relying on machines.

So, If you’re in the market for an authentic and affordable hand-made chronograph that turns heads, or are simply in the mood to amuse yourself as you observe people‚Äôs reactions when they see that bad-boy decked on your wrist etc, then click next below to join the club of raving fans!

You’ll be glad you did!



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