Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of 1
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Top 5 High End Coffee Makers Your Mother-in-Law Would Approve of

Jura Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Center Review

What could be better than a coffee machine that does everything for you, including brewing your special blend of coffee, at just the right temp, at the right time?

Add to the above the machine’s ability to cut down on your electric bill by going into sleep mode just after a mere 2 minutes of inactivity and, should this time persist, the machines shuts down completely!

best coffee makers with grinderNow, that’s better!

Buying a High end Coffee Machine can be pretty daunting – do you simply shop based on price? What about the machine’s ability to both dispense hot water as well as froth milk to top your hot, decadent cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home? Does the machine come with a filter to remove all the impurities from this water we drink so your coffee doesn’t taste off or wrong?
How about the machine’s ease of use? Does one need a college degree to operate one, or can a caveman easily operate one?

These are all questions that no doubt swirl in your mind as you peruse one website after another, till your fingers become numb and your brain fries literally, all in the hope of discovering where the happy crowds on the internet are clamoring for the next best, Coffee Maker!

best automatic espresso machine 2019

You’ll be pleased however, to note that Jura, a Swiss company, has been around since 1931, and has a strong reputation around the world for its impressive line of fully automatic coffee machines.
The company’s official website boasts seventeen different, High-end automated coffee machines, each with unique design features and functions that make them stand out from other coffee machines on the market!

At Home Coffee Machine ReviewsAs you would expect, like their price tags, Jura Coffee machines come in varying shapes, sizes and weights.
Whilst some fit snugly into a little condo kitchen, and others take up the whole corner of the room, you’ll be pleased to note that the Jura Impressa C60 is compact, and ideal for both small kitchens, college doms as well as for apartment living!

Jura is one of those brands that, once you’ve invested in, you’ll never need nor want to buy coffee from a street barista, again!

Keeping to the Swiss tradition of attention to detail, did you know that the Jura C60 comes with a bean hopper, a coffee reservoir, if you will, complete with a air tight preservation cover, to hold several ounces of coffee beans so they are fresh and have all the flavor and aroma you want, prior-to brewing?

We kid you not!

Another great feature of the Jura C60, is the dual purpose frother which, at the press of a button, can dispense either hot water for your tea, or light and airy milk foam for topping your espresso or cappuccino!

Top Coffee Makers 2019

These are just some of the quirks that put the C60 into a whole new zip code that other coffee makers dare not venture into.

As great as the Juta C60 may sound, it comes with a minor flaw however, and that being the size of the drip tray.
It’s small, and can only accommodate smaller cups like, Italian cappuccino cup size, which are about 6-7 oz!
If you’re into larger mugs, you may feel short changed!

Will this high end coffee maker pacify the Mother-in-Law?

High end Coffee makers, as the name describes, can cost an arm and a leg, which is why only soccer moms who drive Bentleys and speak Russian can only afford them!
You, on the other hand, are in good luck, Jura made this model, complete with all bells and whistles of its predecessors, to cater to a whole new market of coffee connoisseurs!
Feeling curious enough to check out this Swiss bad boy of Coffee Makers? Indulge me, Me hearties, indulge!


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