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Invicta Men’s Force Collection Lefty

The Invicta lefty, also known as the Men’s 2770 Terra Military Chronograph, is unlike any watch you’ve ever seen!
mens left handed watches
Sitting 10mm high, with a face diameter of 50mm and a winder on the opposite side to cater for left handed men or those who prefer wearing this bad boy on their right wrist, this clearly is a watch that commands attention wherever you go.

Designed in a myriad of fascias, with black being the main, the Invicta lefty is clearly a heavyweight contender for quality watch seekers in the market for an expensive looking watch at a fraction of the cost!

I first became aware of this left handed watch when I was searching for a birthday prezzie for my, as you would’ve guessed it, left handed Yoga instructor who was never on time!

When I then discovered this Invicta lefty chronograph, I jumped at the opportunity to buy it for myself, black with large white Roman Numeral digits and a luminous yellow second hand timer.

left handed watches for men

The leather strap is made of genuine hardened leather, and does not crinkle as easily as other nameless brands of watches you can buy from your local supermarket.

Invicta lefty Chronograph – First Impressions

What I love about my Invicta left handed watch, is the look of awe shop assistants in jewelry shops give me when I walk over to look at other watches in their cabinets! Hard to explain, but it’s akin to the look kids give to pictures of yummy food or a great toy they see on television, on a billboard or a magazine!
Total hypnotic look, not to mention how they then respond to me.. Pure Magic!

I digress..

The Invicta lefty has all the features you would expect in a Swiss made timepiece, including precision instrumentation comprising of three chronograph subdials which can measure time within intervals of 1/60 of a second and up to 30 minutes of elapsed time, namely start, stop and reset functions.

invicta lefty watches

Commanded by automatic or Professional Quartz Chronograph movements housed within surgical grade solid stainless steel cases, tһе Invicta lefty signifies an end tο class antagonisms, bringing about change, and making what was once a symbol οf only an elite few, now affordable to all!

Seeing is indeed believing, you have to see this watch and hold it to appreciate the craftsmanship and What A Bargain it is!

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