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5 Invicta Watches That’ll Make Your Wardrobe Sizzle!

Invicta Venom Reserve Collection

Featuring a classic black design with a 18k, high polished rose gold-plated stainless steel case, this by far, is one of Invicta’s flagship Chronograph timepieces, and the pundits couldn’t agree more!

invicta watches review

Weighing in at an impressive 1.1 lbs, a face diameter of 54mm and a thickness of 22mm, this watch is hard to miss on a man’s wrist, nor is it for the faint hearted!

Add to the impressive design a black polyurethane bracelet with a matching, color coordinated, rose gold buckle engraved with the company name, you then have a chronograph timepiece with all the bling and wow factor you’d expect from a manufacturer that is Invicta!

Invicta’s mad scientists went nuts in designing this watch, that’s for sure!
To paraphrase one super happy buyer, “it’s a show stopper and definitely not for the faint hearted!

We tend to agree!

So, if you’re into big face watches, and do not mind the idea of growing an extra testicle, nor being treated like a demi god by your minions of adoring fans each time you adorn this watch, then welcome my friends, may you never be the same again, ever, for this Invicta Venom watch will set you apart from the rest of the pack, and instantly too!

invicta watches reviewFrom the onset, you’ll immediately fall in love with the One slot Invicta Diver case in which this watch comes in.
This case makes a statement, for one, it’s bright yellow, made from hardened, durable plastic with a rubber grid handle, double latch closure and and it’s huge!
You can easily store 10 regular watches in there!

The case is uniquely designed to make a bold statement, well before you unbox your watch..
This box measures 4-3/4″H x 5-1/2″W x 7″L, with the individual watch slot measuring 3-1/8″L x 2-1/4″W x 2-1/2″D. That’s pretty impressive, for a watch case!
invicta venom watch for sale
Curious about the watch itself?
The dial type is Swiss quartz movement with analog display, the hands and markers are luminescent – they glow in the dark!
Unlike regular wrist watches, this Invicta Venom watch has the date display between the 4 and 5 o’clock dial markers and features a face with 60-second, 30 minute and 1/10 second subdials.

It also makes perfect sense that a watch of this magnitude would be popular among deep sea divers, after all, it’s water resistant up to 3,280 feet!

Feel like filling your feet in big shoes, literally? Check out more popular reviews, and join the club of Super Happy Watch dressers belonging to the brand Invicta!

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