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Twelve South BookBook CaddySack

In case the name eludes you, this is a super fancy travel organizer for all your Macbook Pro or Air accessories!

bookbook iphone 7 wallet

Designed to look like a Hard Cover book, you can now store all your Macbook power cables, earphones, dongles etc in the Twelve South Bookbook caddysack!
It’s a pretty fancy organizer at that, one that will fool people into believing you carry old leather bound books around with you!

Oh, this case will also turn heads, it’s quite a looker!

The way most folks carry their laptops and accessories around is, they have a case in which they lump their accessories together with their laptop!

bookbook iphone 7 wallet

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this practice, if you care enough about your Macbook Pro or Air, want it to last for as long as possible, and do not want frayed cables connecting to it, then this Twelve South Bookbook is definitely one compact case you will need. It’ll preserve the lifespan of everything you have, and folks will notice the moment you start using them too!

What we in the office loved about this case, is how compact opulent it looks, from the design, the feel and functionality, and we couldn’t resist buying one for each team member in our office!
Best iphone 7 accessories wallet
If you want to go for the rugged, Indiana Jones look, there’s a genuine leather cover case for your macbook to match!
Not only will you have the accessories in their own organizer, but will have an cover for your Macbook.. best way to avoid scratches and bumps from everyday use and misuse.

As they say in the Movies, Seeing is believing, so Check out these Raving Reviews here before making up your mind on your next steps, and Happy Shopping!


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