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The Best Electric Shaving Kit a Man Can Have!

There’s a theory among those hooked on buying name brand quality products that, the more expensive a name brand is, the better the quality!

Best grooming kit for men

The reasoning behind this is, why else would a company sell a quality product for dirt cheap?

Makes sense, right?

Buzz.. Wrong, nothing could be further from the truth!

Male Grooming is Big Industry money, just like shaving legs and armpits for ladies.. it’s unavoidable, and is a daily chore!
Companies spend a ton of money doing their research and coming up with a quality product that most men (and women) will buy and hopefully be social advocates due to the quality of the said product!

Best Wet Dry Electric Shaver for Men

Introducing the Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver & Trimmer Grooming Kit, undoubtedly the best electric shaver any man can get, for under $100!

Now, I realize that’s a big statement for such a small electric shaver but, when you factor in accessories, ease of use, close shave as well as grooming, brand name and cost, then yeah, dynamite sure comes in small packages!

To sum it up, if you don’t want your man to spend $20 every 2 weeks on a haircut, and should he happen to like keeping his head of beard cropped, then this electric beard trimmer and shaver is one to go for.
From the size, the grip, how close the shave and trims are, nothing beats this Remington bad-boy when it comes to male grooming.

best electric shaver for men

As an added bonus, this wet and dry electric shaver cuts quite close and you could get away with using it to shave your legs too, hint hint, ladies!

For around Fifty bucks, you’re getting your man a name brand electric shaver and grooming kit that will last a few years at the very least, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not bulky so one can carry this in their carry-on luggage whilst flying too.

The Pros are just too numerous to mention, but chief of which is that this trimmer is waterproof, giving you the freedom to shave with foam, in the shower, or dry. Plus, cleaning it is fast and easy.
It has a great battery life that provides 45 minutes of cordless run-time after just four hours of charging!
Best Electric Shaver for men
Again ladies, the idea is to purchase a gift that your boyfriend cannot avoid to brag about, that way, it makes his possy realize just how invaluable you are to him, making you the Queen of the Castle, literally!

You can get your hands on the best wet n dry electric shaver x far here!..

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