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Coolest Mini Electronic Gift For Him

Hard not to include an external portable battery pack as the ultimate mini electronic gift for him or anyone constantly using their cell phone all day long, we live in a plugged-in World after all!

best portable power bank for iPhone

In this day and age where we are constantly carrying and using mobile devices, it’s hard not to have a portable phone charger to recharge such electronics should their power source run out during the day!
After all, Cell phone batteries degrade with constant use and over time.. suddenly it’s no longer 7 hours talk time, but perhaps 3 or less, or you’re on an extended trip and you’ve hardly stopped long enough to find an outlet to recharge your electronics!

Is This Small Electronic Gift Right for Him?

What we love about this usb Battery Pack, is that it comes with a 2.1A output!
In layman’s terms, most Power Banks in the 5000-5600mAh range are not powerful enough to charge certain electronics to where they hold the charge and power long enough for you to enjoy using them!

Take the Barnes and Noble Nook HD, or the Kindle Fire HD for instance, a regular power bank should be able to recharge these devices back to optimal charge within minutes, but that’s not the case, the charging current falls back to 0.5A instead of maintaining 2A.. this is where this Portable Charger Jackery Bar shines!

best mini electronic gift for him

It’ll charge any of your electronic gadgets, and you can be assured the current will be strong enough for your cell, tablet, camera etc to be fully charged so you can continue using it without worrying about power degradation over a short period of time!

Simple enough!

Want to see this bad boy in action? For less than $60, you can Grab this portable battery charger here before it’s too late!

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