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Best Abdominal belt for Boyfriend

Amazing Electric Abs Belt

Ok, perhaps your man is not quite as buffed as you would like him to be.. or it’s just that he’s the protective kind, yeah, protecting his 6 pack abs under a layer of winter fat.. but you so want those racks to show more often than not, but gym.. hai carumba, gym is far aways and time is never available!

Well, I have the goods for you lady.. check out this amazing electric ab belt, dubbed the sixpad.. um yeah, 6 pad as in, 6 pads for 6 pack, get it? Haha..

I digress..

Best Abdominal stomach beltThis six pad is designed to turn any basement gaming geek slash couch potato of your boyfriend into a 6 pack demi god in no time!
This is technology folks, so much good technology, plenty technology, I have the best technology, erhm..

As I was saying.. this electric 6 pack abs belt’s designed to stimulate muscle tension in the stomach, causing the abdominal muscles to expand and contract in rapid succession, mimicking abs workout routines!


A gold medal to the inventor of this gizmo.. undoubtedly the laziest, yet most effective way to gain six pack abs whilst binging on an episode of Horders on Netflix!
All we know is, this six pack abs belt delivers moderate results and, with continued use, there is pain from muscle tension in the abdomen.. similar to when you’ve been crunching at abs workouts routines at the gym!
Who knows, this could be the future of exercise everybody!

I’m pretty sure any couch potato who has a sliver of dignity in them will give this a go.. just to keep you quiet.. till those abs stop showing up!

The fact that this sixpad is being endorsed by a reputable and International Soccer player, means there’s some credibility behind the claim!
You can read more about the electric abs belt here!