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Seriously Affordable Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Best Technology Gift Under $50

When it comes to technology gifts for your boyfriend, hubby or wife, what price tag comes to mind? Does under 50 even come close, or do you shudder at just the thought of having to drive to your local Best Buy, only to be frisked dry by the geeky terminology and “buy this” from the sales associates?

Wireless fast charger

Sure we’ve all been there, even scratched our heads a few times and deep down wished the recipient of your intended gift would find their own techie gift for themselves!
When it comes to super fast charging of your mobile device, nothing comes even close to Nanami, even the Jimmy Johns commercials would be envious!
In the World of wireless charging pads, this is without a doubt, one of the best chargers on the market, and your boyfriend or significant other will let you know, once they’ve used the device a couple of times.

Today’s presents sadly, are mostly electronic and, unless you know what you’re looking for and how effective the piece of electronic you’re intending to buy as a present, you might as well be investing in myspace!

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The lowdown on this fast wireless charger, is the future replacement of cable chargers and busted usb ports because you were so busy in the dark trying to shove the charger into the phone’s usb port!

Savvie? Didn’t make sense to me either, so take 2..

Remember how you sometimes have to plug your phone to a cable to charge it? Good.
Now, imagine simply laying your phone on a cradle.. nothing to connect, simply laying it on a super sleek, too hot to handle cradle and, Voila, it begins to charge, and super fast!
Turns you on just thinking about it, doesn’t it?
best wireless charger for iphone
Imagine how your boyfriend will feel and react when he unwraps this cool electronic gift? Stuff you’d expect out of a youtube unboxing video I tell ya!

Think he’ll intro you to his folks pronto?

We think so too.

So, whilst you’re planning on what to wear to the future In-laws, how about bagging this super cool wireless fast charger right here!

You’ll be glad you did.. send us pics of you and the Mom-in-Law having high tea will you?!

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