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Vintage Bohemian Statement Necklace

Now for the love birds among us, we didn’t leave any stone upturned to find the ultimate gift for her, also for under $10!

best bohemian pendant

After spending countless hours on the interwebs, searching for the ultimate lovers gift, one that would make her simply melt and forgive your having forgotten her birthday, this amazing signature vintage Boho pendant (the name’s a mouthful, but so’s the quality)¬†does it for us.

Undeniably rich and sophisticated looking, yet so affordable, this Ancient Egypt bohemian necklace will definitely have you standing head and shoulders above the next best dressed person at the gala!

This is a pendant a lady would wear on a special occasion. The details of the pendant are too striking, and will attract attention, so one has to complement the pendant with a matching top.

At this price, this boho statement necklace is simply a steal, and no one will ever tell (unless you do) that you got it at a steal, literally!
Lucky for you, we aim to please!

vintage boho pendant

Seeing is indeed believing, even the picture does not do this pendant justice. At well under 80 grams in weight, you’ll be wondering what everyone’s gawking at, in case you forget you’re wearing a signature piece due to its lightweight!

At the time of writing this article, this amazing Bohemian necklace was retailing at $9.99 on this site!

Should anyone ask you where you purchased this, simply tell them Egypt, the duty free shop!

You’re welcome!