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High quality waterproof Nylon Travel shoe bags

With the holidays looming, no doubt whole families will be traveling cross country!

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Add to the stress of that travel, mud ridden shoes and sneakers piled on top of all the clean clothes you’ll be carting from one airport, through an uber ride to another etc.

Well, worry about dirty or muddy shoes no more for, with these super durable high quality waterproof Nylon shoe bags with drawstring, which come in a set of 4 may I hasten to add, and all for under $10, you can now pack your shoes in these waterproof nylon shoe bags and not have to worry about washing or cleaning them!

These drawstring shoe bags are so durable, waterproof and come with a single drawstring closure to ensure your shoes or sneakers are completely sealed, be it from gathering dust in your closet, or for travel purposes, for everyone’s sake, that is!

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You’ll also be pleased to note that these drawstring sneaker shoe bags measure 15″ x 12″, which is large enough for any shoe size.
They also come in outstanding colors – from Wine Red, Orange, Black, Dark Blue – literally, your imagination is your only limitation!

My favorite part about traveling with these shoe bags?
When taking stuff out of the case at the TSA security checkpoint at the airport and seeing fellow travelers asking me what the shoe bags are and where they can also get a pair for themselves!

Cool conversation starter I tell ya!

Interested in these High quality waterproof drawstring shoe bags? Get them through this link for under Ten bucks, no kidding!
Nothing like traveling knowing your clothes will still be clean, no matter how muddy the kids’ shoes or sneakers might be!
Not only that, but your clothes will also arrive fresh and ready for wear at the end of your destination.