women's plaid scarf

The Only Women’s Plaid Scarf Winter Abhors

Whether you’re into pets, shoes or hats, one thing that goes without saying is, a girl could never have enough scarves in her closet, that’s just something women don’t do! (so I’ve been told!)
So, in keeping with the tradition of ensuring a lady never wears her scarf twice… in a month, we scoured the interwebs yet again on our merry egg hunt quest in search of the one scarf that would be considered the best, the one in a mil scarf almost every woman would clamor for!

best winter scarves for women 2019

Did we find it?

Let’s backtrack a little bit, to answer the question most asked online about the best place to buy scarves online, we had to do some digging!

Yes, yes – some stores such as Target or Old Navy have them but, it’s only a small selection and I have a feeling you’re not the type of lady into small selections, or limited styles or colors, for that matter!

So, to answer the question, did we actually find a scarf that would not only keep Ms Winter at bay, but also leave you looking so chic and classy you could be turning heads all day on the streets.. add to that a scarf priced under $10?

is there even such a thing?

The answer’s a resounding YESS!

Is This The Best Winter Scarf For Women Under $10?

best cotton scarf for women 2019

Could be the colors, or perhaps the best quality yarn and cotton processing there is on a scarf. Call me naive but a resounding majority of previous buyers of this scarf are saying they’ve never experienced a plaid scarf so soft and close to the skin!

That’s a pretty bold statement for a scarf that costs less than $10.. and that’s the best thing, finding gems on the internet that look like a million bucks.. and your secret.. shhh, is not to let the cat out!

Think you can do that Miss Muffet hmm?
We also hear the material does not fade, also no pilling, so essentially giving you lasting warmth and softness, all winter long!

I’d be tripping over the mouse if I were you, just to grab this wool scarf before others grab it this holiday already!