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Multi Function Digital Kitchen Scale!

This is by far our favorite gift idea under $10! You cannot possibly go wrong with a versatile, yet inexpensive accurate food scale that can be used in kitchen, mail room or office.

For those of you who have to measure your food, be it for health reasons or simply following recipes, this digital kitchen food scale is a no brainer!
It’s very accurate and reads increments as small as 1gram. It has basic features like taring or zeroing out the scale so you can subtract the weight of your cup or container before weighing your food or coffee.

Best Digital Food Scale 2019

This is an an aesthetically very ‘clean’ looking digital food scale with a very low profile, which makes it easy to place anything short of a dinner plate and still be able to read the scale… that’s a huge selling point right there for a gadget under $10!

Your friends will definitely appreciate you for being considerate in purchasing this multi function Digital Kitchen Food scale!
At the time of writing this article, this kitchen scale was retailing at $9.99 on Amazon, and ships with Prime!

It’s definitely worth checking out, at this price and with so many reviews, it’s no wonder this affordable digital food scale’s a steal.. and Winner!