Christmas Present Ideas

Wickedly Cool $10 Gift Ideas That No one’s Talking About!

When it comes to gifting, not everyone’s a big spender, especially around the Christmas holidays, what with extended family members all clamoring for your attention, plus your own family, not to mention rent and all adds up!

Sure, there’s always the opportunity to splurge, but that’s for another discussion.
This article however, dwells on the $10 dollar gift ideas that most feel embarrassed to buy for their friends and coworkers because, let’s face it, most gift ideas under $10 are usually of trinket material!
What if however, there were gift ideas which look way more expensive, by appearances alone, yet cost under $10?

small gift ideasWould that pique your interest?

Be prepared to be wowed, for we’ve scoured the interwebs in search of the elusive $10 gift ideas that will not be pawned as trinkets, nor discarded the moment you turn your back to your gift!

These 10 gifts are for keeps, yes Siree.. and you’re in for a treat, for these are the super unusual, very unique gifts you too would be proud to be seen holding one, in public!

Without further ado, herewith our favorite 10 dollar gifts you wouldn’t mind being caught dead holding and well, cherishing!