Christmas Present Ideas

Ten Wickedly Cool Gifts for Under $10!

When someone mentions cool gift ideas under $10, chances are the first thought that comes to mind is of a gift one got in those claw arcade machines, or trinkets from a thrift store!
Reactions would probably include a couple of eye rolls and the evil thought of re-gifting that sucker back to the recipient, at next year’s Christmas party no doubt!

small gift ideas for friends

But, what if we were to introduce you to practical, interesting and amazing products you would definitely gasp at, all for under a tenner?

Would that pique your interest?

Be prepared to be wowed, for we’ve scoured the interwebs in search of the elusive $10 gift ideas that will not be pawned as trinkets, nor discarded the moment you turn your back to your gift!

These 10 gifts are for keeps, yes Siree.. and you’re in for a treat, for these are the super unusual, very unique gifts you too would be proud to be seen holding one, in public!

Without further ado, herewith our favorite 10 dollar gifts you wouldn’t mind being caught dead holding and well, cherishing!